The Origin of Coffee

“Our mission is to source, distribute, and promote outstanding Colombian Specialty coffees in the Scandinavian market showcasing the hard work and expertise of Colombian our farmer families as well as the richness of the Colombian coffee culture”

Miguel Botero

Sales Manager, Coffee Growers ApS


COFFEE GROWERS APS is an authentic pool of Colombian coffee growers and coffee specialists who has an experience of two generations in the production of the most outstanding green beans with strict quality control for Specialty Coffees Roasters.

We were born from and into the specialty Coffee Environment, from the passion from amazing coffee. We wanted to make a difference to the people producing it and to those who appreciate quality and full traceable product. Our mission is to find and develop the most consistent coffees supporting the Direct Trade model so when you are buying our coffees you can sit back and relax knowing that you are contributing to something really good for a whole bunch of farmers, including your customers and your brand. While all coffees we are produce are meticulously cared for and of great quality, on the cupping table we have our best chance to show our expertise and profiles.

As we walk through the trees of a coffee plantation, we notice the fruits are in all the different stages of their development. Locals have always known that the best coffee comes only from the properly ripened fruit, and to ensure this level of quality, Coffee Growers, coffee is harvested strictly by careful hand-selection, so only the fruits of the most perfect ripeness are picked.  In this way, we maintain the  quality of sweetness and body that defines the Coffee Growers cup of coffee. 

In fact, every step towards our final product is artisanal. It starts with the preparation of the fertile volcanic soil, to the planting and care of the individual coffee trees, to the highly selective hand-collection of ripened fruits by experienced, local pickers, and continues from there at each stage of natural sun-drying of first the fruits and then the carefully separated beans, to the final stages of roasting and tasting before only the highest quality Coffee Growers, coffee is delivered to our customers.

We invite you to enjoy a coffee with a cultural richness unique to Colombia, thanks to all the knowledge and care of the indigenous peoples, dedicated for generations to finer coffee



We developed an ambitious quality program for all coffee process. PCCS / QSCP. Quality and Susteainability Coffee Program. Every single farm must comply with the guidelines and standards



Our business value includes creating transparency between Colombia farmers and the Danish roasters. This we do by helping the Roasters trace the heritage of their favorite coffee to the very farm from which it was harvested.



We create a program for each region requirements
1. Education for the coffee farmers  generations
2. Improve facilities on the farm and processes.
3. Women, in at rural level, have had few opportunities for development and decision-making. The work we have done, enables to highlight, encourage and support women’s initiatives.



Reducing water consumption, less soil impact, and  community integration for make a process technification is very important to maintain quality and improve the income of the farmers.


Specialty coffee from Special Region

CULTURE, Bioclimatic and biodiversity

Cauca is known as a small version of Colombia in that it houses most of the bioclimatic floors and ecosystems of the country in which a variety of peoples each with their own culture and customs, as well as 7 tribes groups live together in a mosaic of ecosystems from the islands of Gorgona and Gorgonilla, in the Pacific Ocean to the Nevado del Huila Volcano

Cauca is home to 1200 bird species; that is, 14% of the world’s bird species.


The volcanic soils of the Cauca coffee producing region are the reason behind the high concentrations of sulfur that give the coffee its caramel-like aroma.

The Cauca coffee-producing region, therefore, presents very different night and day temperatures, known as thermal differential.


The conditions of the plant, its species and variety, as well as the surroundings and environment in Cauca are necessary but not sufficient conditions for the production of such a high quality coffee. The human factor, the care, selection, harvest and post-harvest processes are also fundamental elements.


For women coffee producers, one of the most important thing is training on the activities they perform to contribute to productivity of the farm. Sometimes in the countryside there are not many opportunities or time, but training contributes to gender equity and generational change. Thus, we are encouraging our female farmers to be part of a unique product which come 100% from their farms and has been carefully processed in order to recognize their high-quality coffees, extra full time job at home as a woman and as a hard worker on the farm.

We have developed Women Coffee Growers that supports the empowerment of women along the global coffee supply chain by creating equity, empowerment, and access to a wider market.

Renaissance COFFEE project

Is a productive pedagogical proposal that, under the New School model, incorporates the coffee theme into the curricular contents of rural public schools located in coffee regions, seeking to make learning meaningful and relevant to the rural environment. Its fundamental purpose is to form the generation of relay of the caficultora represented in the young rural ones and very specifically in the children of the present producers of coffee.


Community Integration, Educational  and Peace programs.

Plans establishes a compensation mechanism that protects the income of coffee growers in such a way that market volatility will not affect the family’s wellbeing.


Coffee GrowersThe Origin of Coffee

Actually in Denmark (Nordhavn) Five different profiles for different tastes.

  • 35 kilo fique bags
  • Packing in Grainpro


Origin: Bolivar – Cauca
M.a.s.l: 1800 – 1950
Moisture Content: 11,89%
Fragrance: Chocolate
Aroma: Lima


Origin: Morales – Cauca
M.a.s.l: 1750 – 1870
Moisture Content: 10,80%
Fragrance: Raspberry
Aroma: Sweet Aromatics


Origin: Sotará – Timbio
M.a.s.l: 1750 – 1900
Moisture Content: 11,40%
Fragrance: Caramel
Aroma: Dark Chocolat


Origin: Sotará
M.a.s.l: 1850 – 2000
Moisture: Content: 10,10%
Fragrance: White Chocolate
Aroma: Citrus Fruit


Origin: Morales – Paez 
M.a.s.l: 1850 – 1950
Moisture: Content: 10,59%
Fragrance: Floral
Aroma: Guava 


Exclusive bags designs for Special costumers.

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